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Bob's Cancer Tale

Recently I was diagnosed with colorectal cancer. Not to be graphic but I was having some poo problems and I just turned 50 so I knew I needed a colonoscopy (highly recommend!). Well they found a tumor and I have to have radiation, chemotherapy and surgery to fix it. The Dr's said I should be fine when all this is done. As of this post I've had 5 rounds of radiation and 3 of 8 rounds of chemo. Surgery is last. I have a great team of doctors and I can't wait to take my new butthole for a ride. Now as many of you know I work for Carnival Cruise Line doing comedy. As a cancer patient with a lowered immune system I can't travel on a plane or be on a cruise ship thus I can't work except local gigs. This is a lot of work/money I had to cancel at this point through June 2023. I'm fortunate to have insurance and a lovely wife with a good job (Love you Elizabeth!). But I have a decent deductible I need to pay twice since I didn't get cancer in January. And two dogs and a wife that are used to that Carnival level of treat money. I guarantee 100% of funds from donations or purchases will go towards my new butthole. To every one of you who are 45+ or having poop problems, go get a colonoscopy. It literally saved my life. I love you all and thanks for the support. 

The BOB Tshirt (front only)

This is the classic BOB shirt. Show your support for Bob with this subtle jab at colorectal cancer. Available in Small to XL. $35 plus $8 shipping. PayPal or Venmo @BobbyBiggs accepted Specify front only, size, and address in notes. 

BOB Tshirt (front and back)

Really show your support for Bob with the double sided shirt. Available in Small to XL $35 plus $8 shipping. PayPal or Venmo @BobbyBiggs Specify front and back, size, and address in notes. 

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